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A State-of-the-Art Security System

At Clarkston Budget Storage we take the security of your valuables very seriously. That’s why we have installed a security system that not only allows you easy access to your self storage unit but also peace of mind that your valuables are always safe and secure.
keypad access

Keypad Access

Access is available from 7AM-10PM. Keypads allow easy access at a time that is convenient for you to have access to your valuables. Keypads control access to the facility and inside drive-in storage.

ptz cameras

PTZ Cameras

Our Pan Tilt Zoom camera’s don’t miss a thing. These camera’s are stationed strategically throughout the facility to maintain a constant watch over all portions of our self storage facility.

fixed cameras

Fixed Cameras

Fixed camera’s are also stationed throughout the facility to compliment the PTZ camera’s. Together the two camera systems provide a clear picture of all activity at the facility.

exterior lighting

Exterior Lighting

LED lighting throughout the self storage facility makes for reliable and consistent lighting throughout the facility. Rest assured whatever time of day you need access to your property you will have safe lighting.

facility monitoring

Facility Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art security system allows 24/7 remote access to the management team at Clarkston Budget Storage. Both our management team and security company are able to view multiple cameras during and outside of business hours. Just another layer of security for your valuables.